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Total fire incidents for 2024 = 114


  We are accepting applications:
Please email your application and release form with a copy of your drivers license to:

Municipal & Fireboard Meeting List...
Swartz Creek City Council (Click Here)  - Monday, July 22, 7PM
Clayton Township Board (Click Here) - Thursday August 8, 6PM
Swartz Creek Area Fireboard (Click Here - Monday, August 19, 6PM Station 2

How to contact us...

Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
8100-B Civic Dr., Swartz Creek MI 48473
Phone: 810-635-2300

Map location of Fire Stations:
Station 1
Station 2

Burn Permits...

Burn Permits are only issued to Clayton Twp Residents. Township
residents requesting a burn permit may call 810-635-2300 and select option "7".
Leave a message including your name, address of the burn location, a callback
number and the number of days burning up to 3. No building materials
or lawn clippings are permitted and burns must be in accordance with
Chapter 94: Fire Prevention and Conrol, of the Clayton Twp. code of

The fire department will only call you back if there is a problem with the burn.


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